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Friday, July 31st, 2009
So much going on

So, I’m here, but not really. I went to RWA Nationals from July 14-19th (it was so amazingly fantastic and I promise to post about that, with photos).

From July 20-24th I had volunteered at our Summer Kids Camp, which was in the late afternoon/early evening this year and my kids were still in school until the 24th, so it was a completely insane week (and don’t worry I won’t post any more about that and there will be no photos of the 410 wieners I peeled–all individually wrapped–for one night’s hot dog dinner). Then I went straight into a weekend of worship team (singing) which I love, but had no voice left so was amazed I could croak much out.

After that I tried to completely decompress, but you know we had the highest heat here ever, breaking a hundred year old record. So that’s been fantastic! (Once again, no blogs or photos, but I can give you free advice that towels/pillowcases put into the freezer for use at bedtime are your friends when the heat is over 100 and you don’t have AC, because you’ve never really needed it before.)

Add to that my regular Mommy of 3 workload, writing work, querying and just other real life stuff and well, you can see why I haven’t been here. Hopefully.

I will return soon, to post about Nationals. I promise!

Saturday, July 11th, 2009
Kindness of a Stranger (Diva Style)

Well not really strangers, but I liked the title much better than “Kindness of some people I met online and even though I’ve only seen them once in real life, I love them and they have been good to me”.

You see, I belong to this community of writers called Romance Divas. I have posted about them before. My love of the Divas knows no bounds. It’s extraordinary, really. They are a very giving group of writers, in more ways than one.

Every year the Romance Divas reward a scholarship. The scholarship is to help defray the costs of going to the RWA National Conference, which can cost a lot of money. The lucky recipient is chosen by co-founders Jax Cassidy and Kristen Painter, and VP Eden Bradley. Funds for the scholarship are raised via donations where those who donate have the option to win various prizes (usually writing related, but not always.)

This year I am that lucky recipient. I’m really not sure why I am so blessed, but I am not going to waste a moment of it. While this announcement was only made official in the last few days, I have known for a while. They let the recipient know because they need time to book everything, especially the actual conference while the price is lower. The whole thing has already kicked my career up a notch, and I’m not even at conference yet. What it has done for me is force me to look at my career and see what I want. Instead of piddling around and letting fear of the unknown get the better of me, I’ve just made the decision to go for it.

Go hard or go home.

Because I was not doing anything before this scholarship. I was letting a crappy year squash my motivation. Personally I’ve suffered some major setbacks this year. I had let that settle over me like a weight. Let it give me all sorts of reasons to avoid doing anything. To avoid writing. You (the three of you that still read this) probably noticed I haven’t blogged much. I was just like a windless sailboat floating on the water. I had no motor and no oars, so I drifted.

But now. Now I’m motivated, baby! I was like , then I was like and now I’m like .

My book is finished. I have sent agent queries out. I’ve received rejections and I’ve happily received requests. I’m preparing myself to meet agents and editors next week. I’m preparing myself to do what I need to do, to move onwards and upwards.

I want to say thank you to Jax, Kristen and Eden. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for appreciating me, thank you for kicking my butt!

Thank you to Immi and Chichi for getting me through the last few weeks and letting me pick your brains “just one more time.”

Thank you to all the Divas that donated to this very worthy cause, in what is a very tough financial year for so many. I promise to make the most of this, to continue to work hard and to, some day, pay it forward. If I am ever in a position to do so, you can count on it!

Divas rock! (And if you don’t believe me, why don’t you head over and join them for the Not Going to Conference Conference, which starts next week on the Forum)