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May 6th, 2008
TRS Studio Diva – Round #1

TRS Studio Diva

This competition is now underway. Both myself and my CP, the fabulous Imogen Howson, are giving this a go. The first round is a 750-1000 word excerpt of a brand new work created for this competition using the description they gave us (supplied by a reader).

Go check it out – read the excerpts and vote for your favourite. I can’t tell you which number is mine or even give any hints (it’s against the rules). I can’t even tell you which one is Immi’s, because I don’t know that either (although I have my suspicions, since I’m familiar with her work). It doesn’t really matter anyway. Go vote for the one you like the best. They are all based on the same scenario, so I suggest reading a couple, taking a break, then reading a couple more, and so on. Then go back and vote for the one you liked the best.

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