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January 12th, 2008

My dd and I just saw this movie and I truly am… enchanted.

The feeling that Enchanted conveys is why I write romance. The feeling that Enchanted left me with is why I read romance. Even while it pretends to be silly and mocking of fairytale princesses and “love’s first kiss” it shows us that it can happen, “if we only believe”.

My dd is only 5 (6 in two weeks) and she was alternately thrilled, scared and sad for the couple in this movie. And she clapped when it was over. She is never more happy than when there is a Happily Ever After. I must admit, I was pretty happy too. For even though I am (much) older, and know to expect an HEA, I’m still thrilled when it happens.

I have been in a writing drought once again and I’m hoping this movie just gave me a push to get back to what I truly love. Creating words that make readers sigh, smile, cry, and laugh. And maybe even clap at the ending. I want to take them on a journey where they have that bit of doubt that things will work out, then bring it all home to them in a perfectly wrapped present. It’s not often we get what we want in our life and have it stay that way. It’s nice that in works of fiction we can make the ending any way we want.

And I want my HEA. What about you?

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