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July 15th, 2007
New Reviews for Inheritance from A Hint of Summer Beach Duet

Our first review was received the other day from Linda at Romance At Heart Magazine…here is a small snippet from the review of my story:

Inheritance is a lovely romantic tale of two likeable people who match up so evenly. It is almost like Grandma Nancy knew the future, especially when it came to her other family members. The reader gets an intense feel for Chase and Reece, not to mention the family members, who are as greedy as they come. Ms. Braden spins a delightful read that flows consistently and touches on family, love and the joy of having it all without having to depend on material assets. This is one story that really captivates.

The full review is here

Our second review was received today from Coffee Time Romance Coffee Time

4 Cups from Liadan at Coffee Time Romance!

For Inheritance by MG Braden:

A beautiful story of two people thrown together quite by chance. I loved the way the characters seem to be on the same page, yet not quite. There is a distance between them and though they face several trials together, love wins out. MG Braden has written an outstanding love story.

For the entire book Liadan said:

These two stories make the reader long for a summer romance that ends happily… This is one book that you should not pass by, but read and savor each word.

You can find the full review here

Thank you to both Romance at Heart Magazine and Coffee Time Romance for reviewing the book.

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    Congratulations Michelle!! Those are fantastic reviews.

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