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May 23rd, 2007
Spinning Wildly by Elle Fredrix

My friend, Elle, has her very first release. And since she is both a friend and a fellow WRP author I’d like to introduce her book, released today.

Spinning Wildly Cover

Although Megan Dempsey hates amusement parks, she hates disappointing her 12-year old son even more. So when his plans with a friend fall through, he ropes her into going along. Things go downhill from there. First, an incident with a mustard-oozing hotdog paints her breast golden. Then running into-literally-Mitchell Carter, a man who has stirred her emotions for more than year, mortifies her even more. When their paths repeatedly cross, she recognizes interest in Mitch’s gaze. Megan’s day is about to get a whole lot better!

Why not support a debut author? It’s only $1.50 and available at The Wild Rose Press.

4 comments to “Spinning Wildly by Elle Fredrix”

  1. 1

    Thanks, Michelle!

    Hopefully this works. I’m posting from my work computer, a Mac with Firefox, because I can’t comment here with my PC. IE6 doubles your right sidebar and covers this box.

    What a week! My first release and I win $10 at Fictionwise from you. It just keeps getting better.

    I appreciate the support. Make sure you tell me what you think of Spinning Wildly!

  2. 2


    We roses have to stick together and get the ole garden bloomin’ marvelous!

    Hip-hip hooray to you for supporting elle’s fantastic story! :party:

    Ooh, I’m totally addicted to the dancing smileys. Must get some!

    (er, ‘Frederix’ is ‘sposed to be ‘Fredrix’ )

  3. 3

    Sorry! I’ve fixed it now.

  4. 4

    Congratulations, Elle!

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