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May 8th, 2007
And Yet Another Contest – KOM

So have you all been waiting for this?

KOM Cover

Oh, come on. You know you want this book! And I’m not going to make you work that hard for it. Maybe just a little of this…

No, really. In order to be entered for a chance to with Lara Adrian’s Kiss of Midnight you must comment, in this post only, your best kiss story. The story needs to be fairly clean (please) since this isn’t an erotic romance blog. I’d prefer it be a real story but made up is fine too (truthfully how would I know?)

This contest will run from now until Midnight (Pacific), May 21, 2007 at which time a team of highly skilled judges will determine the winner.

5 comments to “And Yet Another Contest – KOM”

  1. 1

    New smileys, ooh! :cup:

    Best kiss story:

    I’d been dating my now-husband a few months. I was living an hour or so away and was driving to London to see him about twice a week. I arrived at his flat, walked into his arms and…well, you know, we hadn’t seen each other for all of two days, so there was kissing. Then he broke off to say, “You’re better at kissing than anyone I’ve kissed before. Maybe it’s because I love you so much more.”


  2. 2

    One of the best kisses I ever experienced was with a guy I had been friends with in high school and then went on a date with in college. All the years we had been friends we had been attracted to each other and at the end of our date, he kisses me and I was blown away. After all the years of wondering how it would be to kiss him, it was better than I imagined. Years later, I still remember that kiss and the feelings it evoked.

  3. 3

    Neat idea I don’t have a story to share, but thought I’d just say hi and say I look forward to reading the entries.

  4. 4

    Sounds like a great contest!
    I wanted to let you know that you’ve been tagged, MG.
    Check out my blog for the rules:

  5. 5

    I don’t think I have a kiss story, but I own Kiss of Midnight, it arrived yesterday. It is very good, you will love the main “man”. I am not a vampire type reader,this is the second vamp story that I’ve read and I’ve liked both of them.
    Win the contest, get the book. It is good. ‘Cuse me now, I have to go finish the book.

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