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Thursday, February 15th, 2007
Thursday Thirteen – Things on My Desk

Once again I am not original in doing this but the fact that I feel like there are razor blades in my throat is making it so I don’t really care. :sick:

  1. My laptop, printer, modems, etc. Yeah, obvious, I know but still… they are on my desk. :smirk:
  2. Pewter wire basket paper organiser thing that’s supposed to organise my papers but in reality has now just become the place I stuff items I don’t want to see for a while.
  3. My water bottle – I drink a lot of water.
  4. Lotion – my hands get dry very easily.
  5. Random piles of paper that have various meaning, ie: to do, to do soon, look at sometime but not really important, kid’s stuff that I need to find a place for.
  6. My baby’s photo album/first year book that is here to remind me that I should be filling it out. :cheekysmiley: He’s my third child and will be one next month. I should probably get on that.
  7. A pack of Ellora’s Cave Playing Cards that Jaci sent me when I won one of her 12 Days of Christmas Draws. They make me smile. :angelsmiley:
  8. Bills.
  9. A beer stein filled with pens, scissors, screwdriver, Sharpie, etc.
  10. The Valentine’s Card my dh gave me yesterday. :love:
  11. A box of Kleenex.
  12. Pictures of my kids. O
  13. Submission guidelines from an epub with little check marks beside it, which I made as I went through it to make sure I did everything.
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