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Thursday, January 4th, 2007
Thursday Thirteen – Writing Goals For 2007
Thirteen Things about MG Braden1. Finish Snowbound and get it out of my hair. I’m afraid it’s not going where I wanted it to go and now it is annoying me.

2. Start promoting Love’s Blessing for its April 2007 release (see I started already LOL).

3. Try to put down ideas as soon as I get them so that I have material ready when needed. Often I have an idea and because I don’t write it down right away I can’t fully flesh it out later.

4. Would love to finish Ghost Writer for submission to a specific call that’s recently been made by a fave publisher of mine.

5. Write more on To Catch Dragon for another call for submission (yeah, I’m sure you know where this one is headed) for another fave publisher. This one isn’t what you expect for this and I hope it turns out really well.

6. Would like to have three books/novellas/etc. published this year at least.

7. Want to spend at least an hour every day writing for my own work, instead of just reviewing for others.

8. To read at least five books every month (I think I already do this but I’d like to make it a goal because you can’t write if you don’t read).

9. Make sure to visit and support my fellow authors as much as possible.

10. Keep an eye on my tense, as in present and past, when writing.

11. Finish everything I start even if I decide I don’t like it. It is too easy to have a million unfinished wips and terribly hard to finish them.

12. Give myself deadlines and stick to them as much as possible. Again, it is easy for me to let my life take over and give me excuses not to write (like the last two weeks for example). If I can read and comment on blogs, I can take time to write my own stuff.

13. Get fit – yes, ok, it’s not exactly a writing goal but it’s hard to come up with thirteen things sometimes and, technically, a fit body makes for a fit mind. Ha!

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