MG Braden
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Ahh…that is a question I ask myself often. Who am I? Where am I going? What am I meant to do?

I do have a wild imagination so I could be anything, really. I could do anything. What I want to do is write.

I want to write stories that tug at the heartstrings that make you want to turn the page. To make you smile and laugh saying, “Yeah, I get that” or “I’d love that”. Or perhaps make you cry, get angry and say “It’s not fair” and then look for justice. Because in my fiction world, just as in the real one, life isn’t fair. But, unlike in the real world, here you will always find justice, there is always a happy ending. Happy ever after or happy for now? It could be either, but it is happy.

From reading Nancy Drew mysteries at a young age to sneaking Danielle Steel books under the covers to read all night, I have always had a love for books. Even now I read two or three a week when I’m able.

I am a wife, a mother and a friend. I am neither old nor young and have lived a full life. When you read my books you will see parts of me. Experiences I’ve had, people who I know and some I don’t. I am an observer of life (which drives my husband mad) and I find stories all around me. I am blessed to be loved and try to bless those I love.

Come join my world – you never know where it might take you. I don’t know either, but I’d love to have you join the ride.